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Six Steps to Boost Senior Health and Wellness

Many people have left their New Year’s resolutions by the wayside by the end of January, but who says resolutions should only be made at the start of the year? There is no time like the present to start a brand new goal or habit, particularly to improve senior health and wellness.

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Virtual Reality for Seniors: A New Tool With Impressive Results

Imagine for a moment how it might feel to struggle with the cognitive complications of Alzheimer’s. The people who are closest to you are now unfamiliar. The words and phrases that would roll off your tongue without an additional thought are now just out of reach. In fact, the whole world as you once knew […]

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Geriatricians: Senior Health Care Experts to Consider

If your young son or daughter suddenly developed a high fever, who would you call? It’s a no-brainer; many parents have the phone number on speed dial for the pediatrician they have meticulously chosen to oversee the medical care needs of their children. With their specialized training, working with a trusted pediatrician ensures the best […]

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Research About Alzheimer’s Reveals Unexpected New Information

If there is one constant thing in the race to unravel the mystery of Alzheimer’s, it is change. It seems as if whenever medical researchers start to get a grasp on a single piece, emerging data shifts their hypotheses in an alternative direction. That is most certainly the case with the incredible new understanding in […]

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